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The National Environmental Achievement Awards (NEAA) to recognize individuals and NACWA Member Agencies that have made outstanding contributions to environmental protection and the clean water community.  Awards are given annually and governed by the following policies:

  • Member agencies may submit no more than one NEAA nomination per category.  In the case of the Public Information & Education Award, only one nomination may be submitted from among the four categories (Video, Printed Publication, Educational Program, e-Media) encompassed by that award.
  • The Awards Committee shall accept and consider nominations for Individual Awards from the National Office staff.  When making nominations, the National Office staff shall provide rationale for its nominations via the appropriate form.  All staff nominations for the individual NEAAs will receive the endorsement of one or more Member Agencies directly familiar with the contributions and achievements of the nominee.
  • NEAA nominations involving multiple Association Member Agencies working collaboratively must be endorsed by each of the participating Members Agencies for each to receive an award.
  • The recipient(s) of the NEAA President’s Award(s) shall be selected by the Association’s current President.  The President may request input from the Awards Committee, if desired. 

NEAA Agency Nomination Guidelines
NEAA Individual Nomination Guidelines