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The NACWA National Environmental Agency Achievement Award (NEAA) honors those member agencies who have made significant contributions through original and inventive projects and/or programming.  These projects/programs are most notable for their positive impact on the environment, their utility, their community, NACWA and/or the clean water industry. Categories for the National Environmental Achievement Agency Awards include: Water Resources Utility of the Future, Research & Technology, Operations & Environmental Performance, Public Service, and Public Information & Education.


Nominations Must Include:

     1. Completed Application Form signed by the submitting agency's NACWA representative
              - contact membership@nacwa.org if NACWA representative is unknown
     2. Project/Program Narrative (limit - 4 pages / 1,000 words)
     3. Project/Program Supporting Material (if desired/relevant)

Program/Project Narrative Guidelines
Narratives are limited to 4 pages (1,000 words) of double-spaced, 12 point font and should include the following:

     1. A concise introductory paragraph (or two) describing the project/program and outlining the goals/objective behind its creation;
     2. Subsequent paragraphs should completely address the award category criteria for which the nomination is being submitted.
     3. A concluding paragraph describing the results of the program/project and how it has positively contributed to the environment, the utility, and the community.


Program/Project Supporting Material Guidelines
Supporting materials are not required; however, limited additional materials will be accepted.

     ♦ Supporting materials such as reports, photographs, sample marketing materials, and video submissions should be supplemental to the information described in the Program/Project Narrative. (i.e. The Program/Project Narrative should fully describe the nomination without additional materials.)
     ♦ It is expected that applicants for the Public Information & Education Award category will submit a sample of the video, printed publication, e-medium or educational program material to support their application.