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The NACWA National Environmental Individual Achievement Award honors those persons who have made significant contributions through outstanding advocacy and environmental stewardship that have had a positive impact on the environment, their utility, their community, NACWA and/or the clean water industry. Categories for the NEAA Individual Achievement Awards include: Public Service, Distinguished Service, and Environment.


Applications Must Include:

     1. Completed Application Form signed by the submitting agency's NACWA representative
            - contact membership@nacwa.org if NACWA representative is unknown
     2. Individual Narrative


Individual Narrative Guidelines
Please indicate the name of the nominee and award category at the top of the submission. Narratives are limited to 4 pages (1,000 words) of double-spaced, 12 point font and should include the following:

     1. A concise introductory paragraph (or two) describing who the individual is and why they are being nominated for a National Environmental Achievement Award;
     2. Subsequent paragraphs should address the following:
            ►Significant career accomplishments;
            ►Specific contributions to the clean water industry and/or environment;
            ►Specific work or activities of the nominee that meet the criteria for the selected award category.
     3. A concluding paragraph describing how this individual has positively impacted and contributed to the environment, the utility, the community or NACWA based on the criteria of Award for which the individual is being nominated.